Lodz water is best.

At the source of Lodz has a very good water quality - is tasty and healthy. Almost 100% drawn from deep wells. It contains the necessary for the proper functioning of the body minerals: magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. In order to protect the water from contamination, which may occur during the transport is often obsolete pipes, it is recommended to mount in place of the water intake filter. This will ensure that the water that goes into our tap water is just as healthy and safe at its source.

1 cubic meter (1,000 liters) of Lodz kranówki costs 3 zł 95 cents. For the same amount of water purchased in plastic bottles we have to pay more than 1300 zł. (At a price of 1.5 l / 2 zł).

Water supplied residents meets all stringent quality standards for drinking water. Is constantly tested by the laboratory staff and Sanitary ZWiK – Epidemiological. Water samples are taken at nearly 100 points in the city.

Do not be ashamed of Lodz water. Its quality is comparable to the sources of water sold in stores.

For more on the quality of water in Lodz:


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